About the Superheroes and Their Powers

The children in the books are not traditional superheroes. They can’t fly, they can’t walk through walls, and they aren’t stronger than the average human being—although they do have fighting training that would give them a fair chance against Jason Bourne.

The concept behind the books, is that everyone in the world has something he or she is very good at. Iris is a natural leader and has a photographic memory. Alex can drive anything that has a steering wheel and/or an engine, whether it’s a car, a helicopter or a submarine. Fiber is a hell of a fighter, and a hacker. Justin can code anything, while Terry can build anything. Tessa is really fast, Dilek can understand what animals mean, YunYun is a math genius, and so on.

The idea is that readers can see that they are also super-powered, that they too can be really good at something—even though they are flawed as human beings, as we all are. And that the so called super heroes are also flawed, make huge mistakes, and do incredibly stupid things sometimes.

Beneath it all, the books are about being who you want to be no matter what people think of you, no matter what people expect of you, no matter if you’re a boy or a girl, if you’re from The Netherlands or from the States, if you’re straight or gay, if you’re a Christian, a Muslim or an atheist. The children on the island are all from different countries, have different origins, belief systems, orientations, and personalities. They can all be you, the reader.