Reviews of Superheroes .nl:

• ‘The story is written at breakneck speed and makes one think of The Hunger Games.’ J/M, parenting magazine

• ‘Want to bet you won’t be able to put down this spy thriller?’, activities site

• ‘Reading is like watching a movie. These books are real page turners.’

• ‘Readers’ reviews on – ‘I can’t wait for Part 3 and 4!’ ***** – ‘Highly recommended, not just for children but also for adults!’ *****

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German reviews of Pala:

• “It was impossible to predict anything in this story, van Driel leads the reader continuously in the wrong direction. I was shocked, I could not believe what happened. *****”

• “Marcel van Driel has succeeded in a grand addictive sequel. The book had me hooked from the first page. I’m already looking forward to the finale. *****”

• “Great third volume full of surprises and suspense. ****”

• “A youth-book trilogy as it should be – exciting, with sympathetic characters, varied, easy to read, entertaining and so well-written that one can dive right in it.” *****

More reviews (in German):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3