The First Three Books and What They Are Really About

The Story
Children all over the world are playing the superhero game online. Only the best players are allowed to advance to the secret levels on the virtual island of Pala. What nobody knows is that this island actually exists—nobody knows that the best players are abducted against their will and trained on Pala to be master spies. Those who complete their training are given the official title of Superhero and are sent on international spy missions. Only the mysterious leader Mr Oz knows what the final goal is.

Since her father’s suicide, thirteen-year-old Iris Goldhorn spends all of her time gaming. Her favourite game is and she quickly advances from one level to the next. She’s so good, in fact, that Superheroes Alex and Fiber are sent to the Netherlands to kidnap Iris. But even they don’t know what Mr Oz has planned for her…because Iris is exceptionally talented, even for a Superhero…

The Trilogy
The first three books are about the plans Mr. Oz has for the world and for Iris. On the surface, the trilogy is an exciting adventure, filled with action, suspense and drama. The children not only have to deal with the regime on Pala, and the manipulations of Mr. Oz, they also have to survive the last test on the on the island, after which they are sent abroad on secret missions. They hack computer systems, infiltrate a military base in Colorado, participate in an illegal street race at night—all while trying to figure out if Mr. Oz is out to destroy the world…or save it.

Beneath all the action and adventure, the books are also about something bigger. Like The Hunger Games, which is also a book about the risks of totalitarian regimes and about standing up to them, is about the role of technology in our society, about artificial intelligence and the singularity, about the role of children and about female empowerment.